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Asalaam ‘Alaikum:

I was wanting to incorporate the sense of touch in my lesson idea about Allah Made Hands (can you believe I actually found one for feet?!) Anyway, I never found one I liked until yesterday. So, if you are still working on it – or if you need a fun transition between projects that you are working on – here is something about the Sense of Touch.

I found these on the Learning Page Website but you cannot access the files unless you are a member (membership is free but some people don’t like signing up). So, I will essentially paraphrase what you do here and if you want to look at the document, check out their website.


The sense of touch is everywhere on your body because skin is the major organ of the sense of touch. Areas such as the fingertips are much more sensitive than others.

Gather some objects (apple, toy, fabric, sandpaper block) and place them in a paper bag.

Take turns putting a hand in the bag, feeling the object and then describing it (using only touch words – see below). Remember that touching reveals things such as shape, size, and texture. With your child, list additional words related to touch. Some touch words include: round, sharp, hairy, square, velvety, coarse, bumpy, solid, squishy, soft, etc.


Explore the park, your home, your backyard, or your school room for different textures. Run your hands along walls, floors, bricks, concrete, trees, etc. with your eyes cosed and concentrate on what you feel.

Tape a sheet of soft, lightweight paper over the area and rub the paper with a soft pencil or charcoal. The image of the surface will appear. After you are finished, label each rubbing with the word that describes it: soft, bumpy, rough, smooth, scratchy, hard, pebbly, wet, etc.

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