Making a Dollhouse – Part Two

Asalaam ‘Alaikum:

I am not the most artistic person (at least, not as much as I would love to be). I have great ideas in my head sometimes but it doesn’t always turn out the way I like it. Alhumdulilah, my kids are never very picky (they often love what I make them) and often exclaim that their mother is “amazing!” Masha’Allah – how fortunate I am to have them. Anyway, I converted a shelf into a dollhouse last week and shared it with you in this post. I couldn’t put my finger on it – but it just wasn’t complete.

Then, I was searching around some crafty blogs and was amazed what some people were able to do in their spare time, masha’Allah.

Play Kitchen 01

Play Kitchen 02

Play Kitchen 03

Play Kitchen 04

Play Kitchen 05

Other Examples

Puppet Theater 01

Puppet Theater 02

(Wish I were that creative!)

Anyway, I finally got finished with the final touch-up of the dollhouse and thought I’d share. I’m not as good a painter as I would like – but hey, it could be worse! I surprised the girls before breakfast (they didn’t know I planned to do more to the dollhouse). My youngest told me “it’s gorgeous” (I didn’t know she knew that word, masha’Allah)!

Anyway – just wanted you to know that there are always ways of making things for the kids that look much nicer than the real thing (look at the links above if you haven’t already). I actually find that besides the huge cost difference – you just feel different when you look at it and realize you made it for your kids yourself. Also, in my case, the girls have had a dollhouse before that went unused daily. I wanted to find a way to make it easily accessible for the girls and easy to clean up, too. Since I have made it – my youngest has actually played with it almost every day (except those days we weren’t at home). She loves it – and that’s what makes all the difference for me. Alhumdulilah.

Asalaam ‘Alaikum,

Sumayyah Umm SAA

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