Sorry I’ve Been Away . . .


Asalaam ‘Alaikum Everyone,

Sorry I haven’t been posting for a while – it’s not that I didn’t want to 🙁 Normally we don’t get a chance to post during the school year – but then I break out and post a lot during the summer. However, this summer has been different since the new baby arrived.

He’s been struggling a bit with reflux – but things are getting better, alhumdulilah. I have also been finding out that fasting with a new baby is not as easy – since you already have to wake up early and then you need to wake up when baby needs to be fed. So, we haven’t been accomplishing much this summer – at least not as much as I had hoped. We are mostly relaxing and enjoying our new little bundle, alhumdulilah.

Anyway – I have finally finished fixing up the Ramadan pages I used to have on my website (I am hoping to upload the files tonight – and a new post will be added to the blog as well, insha’Allah). So, keep an eye out on the blog and website, insha’Allah.

Asalaam ‘Alaikum,

Sumayyah Umm SAA

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