Arabic Alphabet Bingo Game

Asalaam ‘Alaikum Everyone:

Our newest project has been the Arabic Alphabet Bingo Game. While I made it a while ago, it has sat on the shelf. Well, we finally broke it out and played a few games. Don’t tell the kids – they think they are having fun. My kids still struggle with quite a few of the letters, but I think if you play a few games from time to time – it will help them remember them.

We are using just one set of the Arabic Moveable Alphabet (see that post) in other words, one of each letter. I put all the letters into a paper lunch bag – you can get fancy and put it into a hat, basket or box. We have a guide poster – every time you pick a letter, place that letter on the poster to verify that the letter name has already been called. Right now, I first ask if the girls know the letter, if they do not, I tell them. Then everyone puts a marker on their bingo card if they have that letter. The first person to fill their board, wins. You can use anything for markers – pennies, tokens and the like (in fact, I believe the printout sheet I will be posting on Yemenlinks will have some you can make yourself if you like).

Anyway – the consensus is “let’s play that again” so I guess it is worth putting together when you have a chance.

Here is the file for making the Arabic Alphabet Bingo Game.

Alternate way of playing:

Also, I am thinking that over time they will actually be exptected to name the letter before they can put a marker on their board. With this version, I intend to put in the bag one set of letters per person (thus, if there are two people playing – we have two sets of the Moveable Alphabet in total). Then, each person (when it is their turn) will pick from the bag. They must name the letter they pick up – if they cannot, it gets returned to the bag – if they can, they put it on their board. If they cannot name the letter, you tell them the name of the letter. The first person to fill their board wins.

In the future, I also intend to use this by having my child name the sound that the letter makes as well as part of the bingo game. Perhaps I will first introduce it as a “side item” of the game – after they name the letter, they must tell me the sound it makes. Then, we can actually have a full game of just “name the sound”.

Asalaam ‘Alaikum,
Sumayyah Umm SAA

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