Let’s Prepare for Ramadan

Asalaam ‘Alaikum:
Ramadan is coming soon – I’m surprised there aren’t more posts out there about this already – so I thought I’d start sharing links for teaching your child about Ramadan. Don’t forget – that while we prepare our children and teach them about Ramadan – it is also important to also revive ourselves and to focus on preparing ourselves as well.

Note: As with any links you receive (from anyone) please review the materials first. These links are only meant as a starting point. If there is anything objectionable – leave it. (Sending Islamic links can sometimes be such a touchy subject!) Please be understanding – we all try our best to share information and to help one another, insha’Allah (at least, that’s my purpose). If there are any links that are unacceptable – please forgive me – write up a comment to explain – and please don’t assume that it is anyone’s intention to mislead or harm, insha’Allah. I hate to have to make that statement – but I can’t tell you how many times I have heard people rush to judge someone because of an inappropriate link that was sent mistakenly!

SET GOALS: The first thing you should think about is setting goals – for yourself and your children for this blessed month. If your child sets goals (by themselves or with your assistance) perhaps it would be useful to make some sort of chart or calendar to mark their progress. After setting goals – determine what rewards you will use if you/your child reaches those goals.

What type of goals do we set? How about things like:

  • Reciting, reading or memorizing the Qur’an
  • Praying extra prayers
  • Visiting the sick and needy
  • Volunteer work
  • Good behavior
  • Fasting (for younger children)

You can tailor your goal to your own wants and needs. If you or your child wants (for example) to learn more about a certain Islamic issue/subject – set a goal to learn that subject and mark your/their progress. If you realize that you or your child has not memorized as much of the Qur’an as you/they should – set a goal to learn (for example) a surah a week and do this along with the other required acts of worship during this month.

Especially as you have more children (at least this is my experience) it is more important to actually set out a plan of what you want to do and how you intend to do it. Otherwise, you may end up with great intentions but nothing accomplished. Perhaps you can sit down with your family and make plans for everyone. Here is a great resource – but you may want to make your own:

Why we must plan for Ramadan.

Thinking before planning.

10 Goals to Set this Ramadan.

A Guide to Develop a Personal Plan for Ramadan

Ramadan Plan

Ramadan Checklist

Ramadan Warriors


Sometimes we forget about the rulings about Ramadan and other times, we just need to be refreshed and energized for this wonderful month. Here are some informative articles on Ramadan for you and your family:

Ramadan (Soundvision)

Ramadan in UK

Ramadan Information Center

More About Ramadan

Ramadan Awareness Campaign

Check out these posters about Ramadan


Here are some beneficial articles about making Ramadan important to your children:

7 Strategies to Train Kids this Ramadan

Get your child excited about Ramadan

15 Ways to Make Ramadan Special for Children

TEACH YOUR CHILD ABOUT RAMADAN (Crafts / Lessons / Links):

Here are some great links to teach your child about Ramadan – with craft ideas, lessons and other ways to share Ramadan with your child:

My website (Yemenlinks)

Orlando Muslim Mama

Talibiddeen Jr’s Ramadan Page (Excellent site – very extensive)

Ramadan Fun

Ramadan Competition

I am sure these links are not exhaustive – but they certainly will get you started. Insha’Allah – if you have any links you like to have added – please let me know through the comments.

Asalaam ‘Alaikum,
Sumayyah Umm SAA

Ramadan 2007

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4 Responses

  1. Sadaqah says:

    As Sallaamu Alaikum,
    This is not exactly a website – I didn’t get to that level yet! But I tried to put together a links section on a yahoogroup that I started for sisters in the Greater Houston Area. I started a Ramadan section whish is further subdivided into sections.

    *Over 20 Audio Links – for those too busy to sit and read
    *Over 10 Video Links
    *Ramadan Nasheed – NO MUSIC
    *Prepare/Organize Links
    *Over 10 Kid’s Section Links
    *Hadith Links
    *Over 10 Quran Links for Ramadan
    *Ramadan Booster Shot Links – to increase your faith!
    *Over 100 Ramadan Related Links In All

    I pray that every muslim will have a very special and blessed month of Ramadan and that Allah will except every muslim’s fasting and good deeds during this special holy month.


  2. Assalamu Alaikum, thanks for the reminder. Jazaki Allahu khair.

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